Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to the Future: Ford Mustang

When Michel J. Fox went "Back to the Future" traveling to 2005, no one could have guessed at the time, that cars would still be gas dependant; and why shouldnt skateboards hover? Well now that 2005 is over with (thank God), and because its been out for a year now, it's time to test out the new Ford Mustang. The 2006 model is largly unchanged, and I have had the lucky privlage of driving three different varitations. I was able to drive the V-6 convertable with a manual, the V-8 coupe with an automatic, and the V-8 convertable with the manual.

The current Mustang uses a lot of past influence in its design, and it's not all in looks. As far as style goes, Ford got bit by the retro bug; Ford has done well creating a nice looking car that is modern and celerbrates its history. The front grill is simmiler to the orginal, 65-66, and the tail lights look like they are from the big 1970's 'stangs, and the little window behind the B-piler is stright from the orginal shelby Mustang corba GT500. There is more to this pony car than the retro styling, though and it's all under the hood.

What is nice about the Mustang, is it is still an afordable kids' car. If you are looking for a car for your 16 year old highschooler, but want to get him or her a new car because of safty and relibilty concerns, the Mustang would be a very good choice. For those buyers, For has the base Mustang with a V-6 in either Premium or Delux trim. I would recomend a coupe with the auto for your kid's first car. the insurance will be a little higher than a Civic's, but the Mustang is better looking and will give you kid the confidance he or she needs. The automaic transmission is good for new drivers because as we all know, the lack of experience only gets worse when your kid is trying to learn how to shift. (I drive a 5-speed now, but it's not my first car by a long shot) The real prize comes in the V-6; this little engine is all you really need for a teenage driver, and on the weekends when your kid is busey studying for college you can sneak out with the fun new pony and still be able to leave some lines behind you. If you kid is bringing home all A's you may want to opt for the convertable and give your self an even nicer "weekend car".

The V-8 is the one to get though, but you need to be sure you know what you want. If this is the first time you are buying a proformance machine, you will want to get the automatic. the only problem with this configuration is because of the age of the 4-speed auto Ford puts in its Crown Vic's the car just doesnt want to pull out like it should. Don't get me wrong, the auto is bullit prof, and is a fine choice; but if you want to really smoke the tires and feel like a kid again, then you would want to opt for the money saving 5-speed manual.

The 5-speed is what makes the Mustang GT a Mustang GT. I this car out for a spin a few hours ago and my hands are still shaking! I am supprised at how nicely that old 289 gets out! Ford says the GT makes 300 horses, and 320 foot pounds of torque, but with our that 5-speed and the ability to drive the car with high revs, they go nowere.

If you wanted to get a Mustang as a cheep car that looks good, get a basic V-6 with almost no options, if you want to really drive the car, than the GT 5-speed convertable premium is the one to get. you really dont need any other options after the premium, I like the red leather and the interior upgrade packages, but the 500-watt radio is fine, and the 17-inch painted aluminum wheels that come with the GT are the best looking as well as the best riding. the interior upgrade package gives you the aluminum finish on the dash, shifter, and stearing wheel.

Thank God that Ford built this car, now if GM and Crysiler can do the same with the Camaro and Challanger, we might have something here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a 281, not a 289

2:57 PM  
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Anonymous Elle Robb said...

I just saw back to the future ii over the weekend - and I would swear that one of the mustangs that appears has the grill of a NEW model mustang - but that would be several years before the 2005 model change. Any idea where to find more info on whether that was a prototype, or did it inspire the new design?

7:31 AM  
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