Wednesday, May 03, 2006

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me!

I have been saying this for years. It seems as though the Germans and Japanese can do no wrong, while Ford, GM, and Chrysler can do no right. On AutoBlog, a visitor can pick any article at will, it does not even have to be an article directly related to the big three, and there will be many posts about how bad the American car is.

One article AutoBlog posted said simply that the average age for a Camry owner was 52. In the comments, about half said that it is obvious and half said that it doesn’t matter because the Camry is a good car for anyone who is shopping in that class. Many people were somehow able to put in quick jabs at GM and Ford, saying that this news will somehow equate to less people buying American cars.

Now the Camry is a nice enough car and although I will never drive one, I can see why it is so popular among buyers of all types. The Camry is indeed a safe, well performing, comfortable, reliable car; why wouldn't someone want to buy one? But in the same regard, so is the Town Car, and the Lacrosse, and the Impala, and the 300C... all of these cars attack the same problem from different angles, and (duh) reach different conclusions.

This is not just a problem over at AutoBlog, and they are not to blame. AutoBlog is very good at reporting on the industry and they do not in anyway seem bias to me, but look for you self at the responses to the articles, there is a feeding frenzy eating away at the American manufactures. There are even some posts where people open by saying "wow... look at all the GM bashers"

There is an Anti-American mantra in almost all of the Auto reviewers as well. There was a Car and Driver article a few months ago where they reviewed the Lincoln Zephyr (soon to be MKZ). They ripped the car apart because they didn’t like how Lincoln softened the suspension, so the car would ride more like a Town Car. What they didn’t tell you was that although Lincoln is trying to target a younger buyer, they still are not looking to sell the Zephyr to anyone younger than 50 years old. C&D went as far to compare the Zephyr to a BMW 3series! The Zephyr and 3series are not even in the same class! Yes, they are the same size, and price; but one thing abstains--the driveline configuration.

Then there are the countless web sites that rip into cars of American origin. Take Inside Line by I like the site, and I go to when I want to research a vehicle, but there is no need to rip Buick for being Buick! They tore the Luserne a new A**hole because it didn’t handle like an M5 and didn’t use real wood. For God's sake the thing is as big as a football field and costs less than 40K in the most costly version. Buick offers a V-8 which cars (in the same class) that cost about 5-10K more would never be able to do. If nothing else, it is a vast improvement and should be given credit for that at least!

Also many people seem to forget that it is Chevy that gave us the Corvette, and Ford that gave us the Shelby Mustang, and Dodge that gave us the Hemi. It is really a shame that so many people, who seem to have little understanding of the industry and its history, are the ones speaking out. They seem to forget that even though BMW's are awesome cars; they don't meet the needs of millions of Americans. Or that although a Honda is good for some, it's not good for others. It's almost like these people are on a which hunt.

Hell even when the big three do something good, the bloggers of the world unite and rage war. For example the Camaro and Challenger concepts... There are many people out there who think these cars will not sell (even though five people put down $1000 each for a new Camaro) because it's just another American "POS". No they don't mean Police Officer Special, they mean Piece of Shit. Too bad that the C5R/C6R team has kicked the crap out of the Germans over at Lemans. If you believed what these guys say, you would think the Corvette fell apart after the first lap instead of taking 6 1st/2nd wins in a row and a 2nd/3rd win the first year.

Now the big three are not all mighty, and I am not trying to say that all of this is just rederek. But just because you don't like a GM or Ford or Chrysler product does not mean you have the right to bash them willy-nilly. If your going to say something bad, at least back it up... there are posts where after I have said in detail why I don’t like the iDrive system on my mother's BMW, I was told I was a moron because I couldn’t figure out how to set the presets, and preferred the simple push and hold on my car. Mean while if GM shoves a V8 into a FWD car (not something I like either mind you) everybody jumps on the band wagon and bashes the car--they don’t say why. The typical post for news like this is "Wow, yet another failed attempt at trying to stir up emotion for a bland POS." Some people actually state in their posts “GM can do no right!

Toyota (God bless them) can do no wrong!"<-- that is an actual post! Read it for self!

Here's some news to back my point. GM recalled 400,000 compact pick-ups for a faulty light and cruse control--while Toyota recalled 790,000 tundra’s for a faulty steering mechanism. Or how about the recall of Chevy/GMC trucks due to a bad rubber covering that allows the steel cable that holds up the tailgate to rust, while Toyota has a ball joint problem. I would a Chevy with a bad tail gate over a Toyota with a bad ball joint any day. You should see some of the comments! It's down right sad--but some are really funny.

All I am asking for is a little respect. GM is one of the best companies in the world employing millions just in America alone and millions more world wide. Ford is the same way, hell Ford even makes much of the Eurotrash's favorite cars (Jag, Landrover). And Chrysler is now a part of the DCX family, the makers of--you guessed it, Mercedes-Benz! The big three have come up with some of the most powerful, most iconic cars to ever be driven. The designers and engineers need to be given credit for producing cars like the Mustang, the Corvette, the Challenger, the Camaro, the Zephyr, the Impala, the Hemi, the 427, the BOSS 502, etc.


Blogger Steve said...

From one central New Jerseyan to another - damn you're working hard at this blog - and it's a fine one!

I followed your link from an Autoblog comment on young people liking big american iron - I've had a few myself - and I admire your style. I'll be bookmarking you, and checking back in often.

Do you ever check out forums? By definition, mostly Ford talk, though plenty of bashers, and sometimes political. I post infrequently there, as njsteve3.

FWIW, I started a blog several months back,, and would appreciate any feedback - you seem to have this down!

Regards - Steve

6:27 PM  
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