Monday, June 12, 2006

The Times saith...

This just goes to show you how the liberal media skew things to represent their twisted view of the world. I am not going to make grand sweeping political statements here, but the New York Times has not had any problem so far supporting very hard left leaning liberals over "middle of the road" libs and conservatives or hard right leaner’s. The paper is as left as left can get. Anyway, a few weeks ago the NYT’s ran an op-ed about the plight of General Motors and what the company is doing about gas prices.

There is a slight problem with many of the things the author Thomas L. Friedman says in his article. Now although I will fight to the death his right to hold an opinion, TACT is something that I feel many free people must remember to hold. Friedman clams that General Motors is not trying hard enough to make fuel efficient vehicles, especially Sports Utility Vehicles. The problem is not the over looking of facts such as GM's involvement in producing the first full sized hybrid work trucks or the first hybrid city buses. No, the problem is in the choice of words. Remember TACT goes a long way when pointing out the flaws in others.

Friedman makes a good point in that large SUV's do in fact consume a lot of gas by today’s standards. However when Friedman says GM is "like a crack dealer" you might make a few hundred-thousand (if not a few million) people upset. But this clam that GM is a crack dealer is made only to point out that in areas where gas is well over $3.00 a gallon (see a nation wide map for gas averages) the General has introduced "gas incentives".

All it is a Free first 100 miles (or something like that) on us gas card. This is more of a marketing tool than anything else. Only if the "free" gas lasts for year and you drive like Mario Andrei will you realize any true savings than if you bought an X-Tara or Tundra, or maybe your upscale tastes require the X5, which takes only high test.

The out cry from the rest of us INSIDE the automotive business but not within the realm of General Motors is one of "pot and kettle". Friedman points out that Asian manufactures do not have this problem of making gas drinking SUV's so they do not have to offer "free money" to get people to buy the car/truck/suv. However if one actually does his or her research, you will find that in America, EVERY manufacture makes at least one full sized pickup truck and at least one full sized truck based SUV. So the next time Friedman goes looking for a Puris, I suggest he also look at the Tundra sitting next to it in the showroom.

Now, as far as attacking a manufacture on his own turf, some very astute bloggers on AutoBlog link to a Wikipadia entry of something called a Toyota Century. This is a full sized luxobarge and I am sure gets poor fuel efficiency. The current second generation Toyota Century employees a V12 engine block and I can only guess how many MPG you can really go... Then again, if you have the 150,000 dollars to buy this landyacht, who cares right?

Again, I feel as though any one can say what they will about a powerful being. Be he the President, or a CEO, or a company as a whole; this country was founded on the belief of free speech and that of a free press. However choose your words carefully. I do not want to attack the character of Thomas Friedman, but I will say he knows NOTHING of the automotive world and as such needs to do more research than others who may be "in the know"


Blogger Steve said...

When I take the train to see clients in the city, I sometimes pick up a paper left behind by a previous commuter, to read and pass the time. If it's the Times, I leave it behind in favor of ANYTHING else. It's a shameless communist mouthpiece. Best find is WSJ, though they are rarely left behind. Star Ledger is not bad, I'll even read the local rag, The Home News. Tabloids are ok, though there is too much entertainment / page 6 stuff for my taste. When I was younger, I might occasionally have stayed out late the night before a commute - USA Today is perfect for a foggy-headed morning

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Michael Koven said...

semi-well put steve, although the derogatory usage of the word communist brands you as a first rate idiot. People tend to listen a bit more to those who use eloquence rather than tired old hillbilly beergut rhetoric.

Also to the guy who's blog this is, in order to be up on an America first pulpit and self-flaggelate yourself to fits of glee over trash talking other countries (such as Great Britain) and other places you may first want to invest in something along the lines of a spell checker and to also not use all caps to emphasize words like tact (also your usage of the word tact in a blog filled with glaring inconsistancy and hyperbole not too mention hypocritical garbage tickles my irony bone more that you can imagine. Also there is no liberal media you sophmoric baboons. There is the media that is owned by super neo-conservatives (like Foxnews owner rupert murdoch) and then there is the rest of the media (owned by defense contractors like GE who own NBC). Before you go forth spewing the crap you hear on Rush Limbaugh or O'Reilly try using the internet to find some facts out.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to go spend a little time with my wife and then report back to base so I can return to afghanistan to go and win the war on terror so you and your illiterate beer jockey friends can damage what little respect anyone in the world has left for us.


Captain Michael Koven

11:30 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

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11:48 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Ok, Michael, since you started the flaming, I'll list your eloquent misspellings:

who's should be whose
inconsistancy should be inconsistency
too should be to
that should be than
sophmoric should be sophomoric

As far as referring to anyone as an idiot, first, second, or third-rate, I'll let your words speak for themselves. If, indeed, you are in the USAF, then I applaud your commitment to country.
Perhaps my use of "communist" was a bit too strong, on the other hand, have you actually read any Karl Marx? Read his Manifesto, reflect for awhile, and then think about whether the general editorial policy of the Times seems to have communist overtones.

FOX News? It's OK - definitely shows a different side of the "news" coin, which benefits us all. Personally, I have rarely listened to Limbaugh, and am not an O'Reilly fan - I prefer the radio company of Michael Savage, and the writing of Thomas Sowell.

Best wishes in the war on terror and illiterate beer jockeys.

11:50 AM  
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